Where to Put Dishwasher Pods

Where to Put Dishwasher Pods

Dishwasher detergents are collectively water-soluble products used for cleaning. There are 3 common types of dishwasher detergents. They include powders, gels and pods or tablets.

Dishwasher Pods
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Dishwasher pods or tablets are shaped like small blocks of concentrated dishwasher powder. Though, some pods may partly or completely contain dishwashing gel rather than powder. They are small tablets that contain a lot of concentrated detergents just right for one dishwasher wash cycle. 

These tablets are enclosed in a tiny soluble film that bursts open and melts immediately it comes in contact with water. This frees the detergent enclosed within it thereby aiding a successful wash cycle.

The detergent most pods contain are more concentrated than those found in gel or liquid bottles. As a result, these pods clean better in each wash cycle. Some dishwasher detergent manufacturers use polyvinyl alcohol as the main ingredient for making the protecting film.

In recent times, dishwasher pods have different varieties to meet the needs of consumers. For example, natural pods, eco-friendly pods, scent-free pods and so on are available. The good thing about pods is that they do not need to be measured compared to other dishwasher detergents.

In addition, dishwasher pods are convenient to utilize and most of them are environmentally friendly. They can be placed in the detergent dispenser or simply tossed into the floor or the main area of the machine.

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How Do You Use Dishwasher Pods?

Have you ever wondered where to put dishwasher pods inside your dishwasher? You don’t have to worry. With these easy steps, you can do that successfully and have sparkling cleaned dishes and other kitchenware.

Video: How to Wash Dishes Properly and Efficiently

Watch this video to know how to load your dishwasher pods in your dishwasher detergent dispenser.


Load Your Dishwasher

This is the first thing to do before you add your dishwasher pod to the machine. Ensure that all items you load into the machine are dishwasher safe. Do not load kitchenware made from crystal, non-stick or copper pans, plastic, insulated mugs, and cast iron into your dishwasher. They may be damaged by the detergent or heat.

Non-dishwasher safe items are clearly marked on the product or on the label. Check this first before you load. Also, do not leave your dishes to sit for over twenty-four hours. 

The lesser time they are left to sit in the machine, the unlikely it is to have grease and food remains on your dishes.

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Use One Pod for Each Standard-sized Load

Dishwasher pods are packed and pre-measured for a standard dishwasher load. This makes it suitable and easy to throw a pod into your machine. Use only one pod for each standard dishwashing load.

If it is a full load with too many dirty dishes, add another pod. But be careful not to overload the machine. Some very light loads might have leftover pod remnants. You may wait until you have an almost full load before turning on your dishwasher.

Put Dishwasher Pod in The Detergent Dispenser

This is usually situated on the interior of the dishwasher door. The detergent dispenser is specifically designed for dishwashing detergents. Close the door latch on the detergent dispenser tightly before you close the dishwasher door.

Don’t try to open or cut the pod. The pod’s casing is designed in such a way that it measures out each of package. They also dissolve easily inside the dishwasher. 

When you break this outer casing, it can cause disarray and irritate your skin.

Add the Finishing Fluid 

Sometimes, when you add a finishing fluid with the dishwasher pods, it helps to remove grease and food remains on your dishes. Leaving your dishes shiny and grime free. Fill up the Rinse Aid dispenser in the machine with this finishing fluid

The machine adds the right amount of finishing fluid to each load every time you run a wash cycle. 

Turn on The Dishwasher

Adjust the temperature of the machine to between 125oF (52oC) and 140oF (60oF) if the machine has temperature regulator settings. This is the optimum temperature setting for dishwasher pods to perfectly clean your kitchenware.

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What Are the Advantages of Dishwasher Pods?

Dishwasher pods are known to improve the nature of the cleaning.  They are a better option for conventional dishwashing powder. Take a look at five advantages of these pods:

They Are Effective in Cleaning

Dishwashing pods eliminate the risk of dishwasher loads. You are sure of using the exact quantity of detergent required to give your dishes a sparklingly clean look every time.

Using too much detergent creates soap suds that may destroy dishwasher components or parts over time. This leaves you with faulty parts that need repairs or replacement. 

Dishwashing pods are premeasured and as a result, they reduce the risk of over pouring. This prevents problems and eliminates the guesswork. Above all, they don’t damage your dishwasher.

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Saves Water and Energy

The accurate preparation of dishwashing pods makes them for the ecosystem. Dishwashing pods reduce the quantity of soap that enters the home water supply. This eases the load on water treatment plants.

Dishwasher Pods Are Economical

Dishwashing powder is cheaper than dishwasher pods, but this is not true in real sense. When you use less effective powder for your dishwasher, it increases the risk of faulty parts. More repairs are inevitable, and the machine’s lifespan reduces.

Also, most people do not know the exact quantity of powder right for each wash leading to overloading. Since pods are premeasured, they are more efficient, and you are sure that your dishwashing cycle is accurately measured. 


Most people prefer dishwashing pods to other dishwashing detergents because they are easy to use. They do not spill like dishwasher liquid and powder. In addition, dishwasher pods function more during dishwashing wash cycles like pre-wash, washing and rinsing cycles.

Multiple Alternatives

There are different dishwasher pods options you can choose from. This depends on your dishwashing requirements. Most basic pods contain powder detergents in a pack form. 

Others are composed of specially made power balls and gels that remove stains. They also protect dishwasher filters from mineral deposition and gives quality shine to your dishware.

Also available are fragrance variety that leaves your machine smelling fresh.

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How to Choose Dishwasher Pods?

Choose Superior Quality

It is important you choose standard dishwasher pods that can efficiently clean your dishware. This will give you great results that will meet your needs. 

Choosing a powerful dishwashing pods saves energy and water as you won’t need to run another wash cycle to clean leftover food on dishes. 

Some dishwasher pods are tagged with strong cleaning power such as 12X Power or 15X Power. They are said to have more grime-fighting constituents per dishwasher pod.

You can also choose scented pods depending on what suits you. They come in different varieties like lemon or fresh. Or go for odorless variants that have no added fragrances or dyes.

In addition, superior quality dishwasher pods do not use toxic constituents like synthetic chemicals or dyes.

Get Environmentally Friendly Dishwasher Pods

Environmentally friendly pods help to protect the ecosystem. You must make sure you get biodegradable pods that do not contain phosphates and artificial fragrances.

Always check the product label for ingredients used in its production to be sure they are eco-friendly.
Additionally, store your dishwasher pods under a perfect condition (cool and dry place) where they won’t come in contact with water. Store them in your kitchen cabinet away from your kitchen sink.

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How to Make Homemade Dishwasher Pods?

Making your own homemade dishwasher pods is economical as you do not need to buy expensive pods sold in the grocery stores. Worrying about your kid confusing one of those beautifully designed pods as candy is over. They are efficient too and eco-friendly.

This DIY pod recipe can be made from natural and simple ingredients you may have already in the kitchen. We will share two recipe options, feel free to choose one that suits you.

Option One


Baking soda.

Distilled vinegar.

Ice cube tray (silicon).


Dish soap (Natural variant).

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  1. Mix baking soda (1 cup) and ¼ cup salt in a bowl.
  2. Add 2 tsp of natural dish soap, 2 tbs vinegar and mix properly. This makes the mixture damp.
  3. Add more quantity of vinegar until the mix feels wet and you can hold it together with your fingers.
  4. Pack about 1 tbs of the mixture into your ice cube silicone mold.
  5. Press it down with the tip of a spatula.
  6. Allow it to dry completely preferably in a dry and warm area. This takes about 24 to 48 hours.
  7. Remove the dishwasher pods or tablet from the ice cube mold gently and store them in an airtight container. Use when necessary.

Note: This recipe makes about 15 dishwasher pods.

Baking soda removes grease.

Vinegar removes tough stains from dishes.

Option Two


One cup washing soda.

One cup baking soda.

One cup Kosher salt.

One cup of water.

Three packs of unsweetened lemonade drink.

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  1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Add water and lemonade drink. Wait till the mixture stops fizzing. This takes about 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. Add the mixture into your ice cube tray. Then press it down with the tip of a spatula.
  4. Allow it to dry completely in a warm and dry place for 24 hours or until they are completely dried.
  5. Remove from the ice cube trays and store in a closed container until when it is ready for use.

Note: You can use jet-dry or vinegar in your Rinse-Aid dispenser along with your pods.

Washing soda is a cleaning agent.

Baking soda removes grease.

Lemonade drink is an antibacterial and cleaning agent. It adds fragrance to your pods.

Kosher salt reduces mineral build-up caused by hard water.

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