How to Connect a Dishwasher to Water Supply: A 6-Step Comprehensive Guide

One crucial step in setting up a new kitchen or upgrading an old one is understanding how to connect a dishwasher to water supply. It might seem daunting, but with our clear, step-by-step guide, you can accomplish this task with confidence and ease.

How to Connect a Dishwasher to Water Supply
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How to Connect a Dishwasher to Water Supply: What You’ll Need

Before we start, make sure you have the following tools and materials:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Teflon tape
  • Compression fitting
  • Dishwasher water supply kit
  • Dishwasher

Step 1: Turn Off the Water Supply

Your safety is paramount, so before we delve into how to connect a dishwasher to water supply, ensure that the water supply is turned off. You can typically do this by locating the main water supply valve in your home and turning it off.

Step 2: Connect the Dishwasher Water Supply Line

Now, you need to connect the water supply line to your dishwasher. Find the inlet on the dishwasher – it’s usually located at the bottom of the machine. Attach the water supply line to this inlet, using an adjustable wrench to secure the connection.

Step 3: Connect the Other End to the Water Supply Valve

The other end of the water supply line should be connected to your home’s water supply valve. Use your slip joint pliers to secure this connection.

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Step 4: Apply Teflon Tape

To prevent water leakage, it’s advisable to apply Teflon tape around the threads of your water supply valve before attaching the water supply line. This helps create a water-tight seal.

Step 5: Attach the Compression Fitting

Now, attach the compression fitting to the water supply line. This device ensures that your connection is secure and resistant to high water pressure. Use your adjustable wrench to tighten it.

Step 6: Turn on the Water Supply

Once you’ve securely connected the water supply line and tightened the compression fitting, you can turn the water supply back on. Check for leaks around the connections – if there are none, your dishwasher is successfully connected to the water supply.


That’s all there is to how to connect a dishwasher to water supply! With the right tools and this detailed guide, you should now be able to complete this task successfully. Remember, if you run into any difficulties or if you’re unsure about any steps, it’s always best to consult a professional.