Dishwasher Not Level Side to Side: How to Fix It Step-by-Step

Your dishwasher not level side to side? You’ve likely encountered issues like poor cleaning performance or even leakage. Thankfully, leveling your dishwasher is a common and solvable problem that can be fixed with some straightforward steps.

Dishwasher Not Level Side to Side
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Things You Will Need

A spirit level

An adjustable wrench

A screwdriver

Work gloves


The first and foremost step before tinkering with your dishwasher is to ensure safety. Disconnecting your dishwasher from its power supply is essential to avoid any electrical hazards. To do this, locate the power plug for your dishwasher.

This is usually found beneath the sink or behind the dishwasher. Pull the plug from the socket. Some models might be wired directly; for those, you will need to turn off the electrical circuit from the main panel. Always double-check to confirm that the power is truly off by trying to turn on the dishwasher.

Identification of the Problem

Before jumping into the adjustment, it’s crucial to accurately identify the issue. Use a spirit level to check if your dishwasher is indeed not level side to side. Position the spirit level on the bottom rack, making sure it spans from one side of the dishwasher to the other.

Observe the bubble in the level. If the bubble is not centered, your dishwasher is not level and needs adjustment. You may want to repeat the process a couple of times for accuracy.

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Adjustment Steps

Now that you’ve confirmed the problem, it’s time to level your dishwasher. The adjustment will involve working with the leveling feet found at the bottom of your unit.

Open the dishwasher door gently and take out the bottom rack. This will give you clear access to the bottom of the dishwasher.

Put on work gloves for safety, and then kneel or sit next to the dishwasher so you can easily access the bottom front corners. Here, you’ll find the leveling feet.

Using an adjustable wrench, grasp one of the leveling feet and turn it clockwise to raise that corner or anti-clockwise to lower it. The feet are threaded like screws, so the direction of turning will adjust the height.

After making a few turns, use the spirit level again to check for improvement. You may need to repeat the process multiple times, switching between the two feet, to get the dishwasher perfectly level.

Once you are satisfied, use the adjustable wrench to tighten the lock nuts above the feet, securing them in place.

Testing and Confirmation

It’s not enough just to adjust; you must confirm that the issue has been resolved. To do this, run a short wash cycle and look out for previous issues like water leakage or abnormal noises.

If these issues are gone, you have successfully leveled your dishwasher side to side. If not, you may need to go back and fine-tune your adjustments.

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Conclusion: Dishwasher Not Level Side to Side

Leveling a dishwasher that is not balanced side to side may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and a methodical approach, it’s a problem that’s relatively easy to solve. Following these comprehensive steps will not only prevent possible water leakage but also improve the overall performance of your dishwasher.