Dishwasher Making Noise When Water Circulates

Dishwasher Making Noise When Water Circulates

Dishwashers were designed to make human lives easier. The days of worrying about doing dishes right after dinner with your family and friends are over. More so, using a dishwasher to washes your dishes is more hygienic than using your hands, sponge, and soap. Let me add, they also have a drying cycle that dries the dishes right after a washing cycle.

Dishwasher Making Noise
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Although, dishwasher making noise when a washing cycle begins is normal, sometimes these noises can signify that there is an issue. When they make these unusual sounds, we can’t help but wonder why. 

As a result, it is not safe to assume when we hear any noise coming from the machine. We are going to look at some of the common noises, easy diagnosis and ways to fix them. 

Soon you will go back to enjoying your mealtimes with family and friends. Without worrying about having a noisy machine or the monotonous chore of doing dishes manually.

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Why Is My Dishwasher Making Noise?

Video: Top Reasons Dishwasher Is Noisy

This video will show you the top reasons why your dishwasher makes a lot of noise.

Like we earlier said, dishwasher noises are sometimes normal. For example, the hissing sound of water running through the dishwasher’s water inlet valve, the sloshing sound of water circulating around the appliance and so on.

Newer dishwasher models run for a long time than most of the older models, but they are more water and energy-efficient. Because of this, they also run quieter cycles.

So, when your dishwasher makes loud unusual sounds or noises, there may a problem that needs your attention. You need to investigate it on time. 

A thumping sound may indicate that the drain system is vibrating against the kitchen cabinet. The appliance’s wash pump drain pump or pump motor could be broken.

Perhaps, there is a popcorn kernel that is stuck inside the chopper blade region. Thus, producing the grinding noise, you are hearing. You may have wrongly installed the dishwasher.

There are several reasons why dishwashers make noises while running.  Luckily, some of these issues can be fixed by a fairly experienced and skilled handyman. Other problems need a professional repairman.

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Common Dishwasher Noises and What They Signify

Finding the exact cause of a dishwasher noise depends on the type of noise it makes. When you detect them, you must make sure you fix them to prevent your dishwasher from breaking down. That is if they are not the regular noise from the appliance.

Below are some of the common noises and what they signify.

Buzzing Noise in The Dishwasher

Dishwashers make a buzzing sound when they are forcing water through the drain. It also a characteristic sound that signifies when the soft food disposal component of the machine is functioning during a wash cycle. These buzzing sounds are presumably normal.

If the sound is extremely loud almost sounding like a bang, it may signify a water hammer problem. A water hammer problem occurs when quick torrents of water make the water pipes to hits their surroundings.

Inspect the machine first to be sure this is the issue. This problem can be solved with a water hammer shock arrestor.

Thumping Noise in The Dishwasher

Thumping noise in your dishwasher could be a result of the machine drain line that constantly hit the sides of the kitchen cabinets or the wall at the back. This occurs when you turn on the dishwasher. If the machine was installed not long ago, it may require readjustment.

If these sounds come at constant, regular intervals, it may signify that the spray arms are most likely hitting an object while it is rotating. Often time, these items are large kitchen utensils in the rack compartments.

To resolve this issue, open the dishwasher and rearrange your pans and pots. The thumping sounds are presumably normal.

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Grinding Noise In The Dishwasher 

There are some dishwasher machines that come furnished with electric control. This electronic control has an electrical switch device situated in the control panel which is motor-driven.

Because of the working motor, it may produce some grinding sounds while the dishwasher runs through a wash cycle. These sounds are normal and so you do not need to be alarmed.

But, if your machine begins to make this noise suddenly, do the following step by step. 

  1. Open the dishwasher’s door during a mid-cycle.
  2. Wait until the steam dissipates.
  3. Pull the lower rack out.
  4. Check the machine for any stuck item (s) all over the drain impeller (revolving plastic blades).

When this noise continues, remove the drain impeller. Then check if there is any dirt stuck inside the chopper blade section. If there is nothing stuck in the machine, the grinding noise may be caused by insufficient spraying of water into the dishwasher.

In this case, examine the water inlet valve for confirmation.

Clicking Noise In The Dishwasher 

Some dishwasher machines are equipped with electronic control. This control makes clicking sounds as the machine runs through a cycle. Since these noises come from control, they are absolutely normal. Therefore, no cause for alarm.

Humming Noise in The Dishwasher

A lot of dishwasher models usually make a humming sound during a normal wash cycle. If you notice a change in this sound usually preceded by a loud hum sound, you may have to change the fan. It is important that you switch off the power supply to the dishwasher before you work on the machine.

If you overhear a loud or high-pitched sound, it can signify a malfunctioning motor. Luckily, a new motor part can be bought without replacing your dishwasher altogether. You should take note of the dishwasher model before you go to the hardware store or check an online store.

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Rattling Noise in The Dishwasher

A rattling noise could be caused by improperly placed dishware or other kitchen utensils on the rack compartments. Open the machine and inspect it for any item not placed properly on the rack compartments. 

However, if there are no loose objects or items hitting against one another and the rattling sound is extremely loud, the dishwasher may be having a pipe issue. 

Occasionally, this noise can happen for many other reasons connected to a malfunctioning motor. If the rattling sound is not coming from the dishware but from the motor system, run an empty dishwasher cycle. Check if the sound is still there.

Squealing Noise in The Dishwasher

It is normal for a new dishwasher machine to squeal during the first couple of times you run washing cycles. New machines may not contain any water in them, this causes the squealing noise.

The squealing noise can also happen if you have not used the dishwasher for a long time. We usually recommend you add 1 quart of water below the dishwasher tub to stop the noise.

Banging Noise in The Dishwasher

If you overhear a banging sound when the dishwasher runs, it’s most likely an indication of a problem with the home water supply known as water hammer. A problem that happens when there’s a problem with the water pressure.

During a water hammer issue, as the machine’s water inlet valve closes, the pressure of water can make the water pipes to clatter. This causes the characteristic banging sound. If your home’s having a water hammer problem, call a plumbing professional.

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Knocking Noise in The Dishwasher

When you hear a constant knocking noise inside your dishwasher, it is most likely caused by a spray arm. This occurs when the spray arm hit something or an item inside the machine as it rotates.

To resolve this, open your dishwasher. Then adjust the items so that the spray arm can rotate freely. Remember to switch off the power source to the machine before you open the dishwasher door.

Swishing Noise in The Dishwasher

During a dishwasher cycle, there is a swishing sound you will hear. This sound is the noise of water sprinkling inside the dishwasher basin during the wash or rinses cycles.

Clunking Noise in The Dishwasher

This sound usually occurs once during a wash cycle and is very normal. The clunking noise you hear is when the dishwasher detergent cup opens about midway through the wash cycle.

Snapping Noise in The Dishwasher

This sound occurs midway of the washing cycle and it signifies the opening of the dishwasher detergent cup. Sometimes, the snapping sound you overhear continuously all through the wash cycle may be the usual sound your dishwasher makes.

This sound is produced when draining water away from the machine’s interior. This happens often throughout the dishwasher cycle.

Dishwasher machines can also make this sound when they run or when its door opens. If your machine makes this sound while it runs, it is most likely the solenoid is charging. 

The solenoid charges as the machine keep filling and draining water many times throughout the dishwasher cycle. This causes the machine to make a snapping sound. There is no cause for alarm in this case.

Also, dishwasher models with hinged detergent cup make this sound when you unlock the dishwasher door. It is also normal. But if the machine isn’t a ‘turn-to-close- model, it may signify a broken structure inside the dishwasher door hinges.

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Dishwashers make some considerable level of noise when water is circulating around the interiors or draining. But when these noises are louder than usual or abnormal, it may signify a fault in some parts of the machine.

It is important to note here that a fault in any of the mechanical parts is the usual cause of this unusual noise. These parts include the drain pump or drain hose, chopper blade section, circulation pump, and other motor assemblies. Others are the wash pump motor and so on.

Inspect the dishwasher and the surroundings including the kitchen cabinet where it was installed and fix the problem. 

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