Dishwasher Is Not Dispensing Soap: Easy Solutions at Your Fingertips

If your dishwasher is not dispensing soap, don’t panic. This is a common issue many homeowners face, and it’s usually straightforward to resolve. This article will guide you through each potential problem and solution so you can get your dishwasher running efficiently again.

Dishwasher Not Dispensing Soap
Elke Wetzig, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dishwasher Is Not Dispensing Soap: Step-by-Step Guide To Fix

1. Check the Soap Dispenser Door

First, ensure that nothing is obstructing the soap dispenser door. Sometimes, large dishes or utensils can prevent it from opening properly.

  1. Open your dishwasher and inspect the soap dispenser area.
  2. Make sure no large items are blocking or touching the dispenser door.
  3. Adjust your dishes and run another cycle to see if this fixes the issue.

2. Examine the Dispenser Spring

The soap dispenser has a spring mechanism that releases the soap door. It could be the reason your dishwasher is not dispensing soap.

  1. Locate the dispenser spring.
  2. Gently test its strength by pressing and releasing it. It should bounce back smoothly.
  3. If it appears weak or broken, consider replacing it.

3. Clean the Soap Dispenser

Residue buildup can hinder the dispenser’s performance.

  1. Open the dispenser and check for old soap residue.
  2. Use a soft brush and warm water to scrub away any buildup.
  3. Rinse and dry before adding new detergent.

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4. Inspect the Timer/Electronic Control

The timer or electronic control regulates the dispenser. If it malfunctions, the dispenser won’t release the soap.

  1. Refer to your dishwasher manual to locate the timer or electronic control.
  2. If it’s visibly damaged, it may need replacement.
  3. If unsure, consider seeking professional advice.

5. Replace the Bi-metal Release

The bi-metal release can wear out over time, preventing the soap dispenser from operating.

  1. Check your dishwasher manual to find the bi-metal release.
  2. If it’s corroded or damaged, replace it.


When your dishwasher is not dispensing soap, you now have a structured approach to diagnose and fix the issue. If after trying the above steps your problem persists, it might be time to consult a professional appliance technician.